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Whether you have a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) or a Bowling Center, Ideal has been perfecting a system since 1991 to maximize your success. You will enjoy better guest experience, tighter control, improved decision making support, and increased traffic and loyalty. Instead of having to buy and work with a variety of systems, you will be able to depend on One Ideal Solution to manage your entire operation. Select the industry category that best descibes your business and begin exploring life in an Ideal world. Contact us today to configure a single, cost effective system tailor-made for you.


Benefits of the One Ideal Solution:

  • Broad suite of products to cover every aspect of your business
  • Use the same POS system throughout your facility
  • Enjoy maximum integration between components all in the same suite
  • Deep feature set that gives you best-of-breed solution in each area
  • Easier to manage and train employees on a single solution
  • Simpler reporting coming from a single source