RFID Bands

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RFID Bands
Radio Frequency Identification Device
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Dramatically increase the efficieny and security of any type of amusement facility by taking advantage of the benefits that RFID can provide for cashless point-of-sale, vending, access control and other guest applications. Ideal Software Systems is the choice to help your business take advantage of this technology.


For Water Park attractions, the benefits of RFID are obvious: no card, ticket or wallet is necessary for a guest to have full access to ALL of the amenities in your facility. With RFID-enabled lockers, vending and POS stations, you can provide the ultimate in guest convenience and experience.


If your business includes a hotel property, then you can also use room charge capability to further enhance the guest experience. RFID-enabled door locks allow guests to use one credential for everything from room access to restaurant purchases.



  • Option #1 – RFID and the IGC-3 Reader Allows guests to use an RFID wristband or card to play games and attractions
  • Option #2 – RFID and Ideal Kiosks Allows guests to use an RFID wristband or card to purchase additional value or charge value back to their room (if you have our optional property management interface)
  • Option #3 – RFID and the Ideal POS Allows guests to use an RFID wristband or card to make POS purchases, make room charges, or add value to non-room charge enabled credentials
  • Option #4 – RFID and the Ideal RCM Allows guests to bank tickets to their account and spend them later


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